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Desi Cow Bilona A2 Ghee

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Product Reviews

Smriti Roy
Rating:  5

I like this ghee because this is pure desi ghee which I usually come to see in my village the taste of this ghee is very good and I love this ghee while eating it and spreading on roti because this ghee melts in the mouth very soon and it is rich in health also. Whenever I visit to shopapni website I never forget to buy this product.

Priya Sharma
Rating:  5

I have tried several brand in search of pure desi ghee that I use to get sometime in past when my mom use to make it in home. But unfortunately none of them are matching the standard. Finally after year of changing and trying several products I found this brand. First of all its aroma attract me to buy because it giving smell of the Ghee which I am looking from several years. And then right after taste I just settled down with my search and Shopapni Desi Ghee become the next name of Ghee in our family. The Shopapni ghee claims to manufacture with traditional home made technique that may be gives it a pure taste of ghee. The taste of Rotis or Paratha just enhanced double after being cooked in this ghee. It simply add the taste in all kind of food prepared using it.The Shopapni ghee is surely recommended who are still searching for authentic ghee taste and love the aroma of pure ghee.

Neha Singh
Rating:  4

Brilliant Taste pure homemade it's like that my mom made it...... Keep It Up Shopapni and i am thinking to start A2 Milk.

Rating:  5

Pure Home Made

Rating:  5

Good taste 100% Pure and Home Made

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