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Terms and conditions


By choosing to access this web site, you are in agreement with the website's Terms and Conditions of Use, laws and regulations that apply, and you also agree that you will be responsible for any non-compliance with the laws and regulations. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or are not in agreement with them, you will be prohibited from accessing this website. All the materials and information contained in this website are protected by the copyright and trade mark laws.

Use License

You are permitted to download or copy the materials of this website temporarily for any non-commercial and personal use and for transitory access only. This grants you a license but does not transfer the title. Under the terms of the license you may not copy or modify the material, use the material for the purposes other than personal or non-commercial, publicly display for any non-commercial or commercial purposes, edit/modify any software program on the website.

If any of the above rules are violated, the license will become void and get terminated. Shopani.com also reserves the right to terminate the license at any time at will. Once the license has been terminated, you will need to destroy all the downloaded materials which are in your possession in printed or electronic format.


The materials present on the shopani.com website appear 'as is.' Shopapni.in has no warranties whether implied or expressed. Hence, shopapni.in will disclaim and negate any warranties including implied warranties, merchantability conditions, without limitation warranties, or in case of any other violation of rights.

Revisions and Errata

The materials that appear on the shopapni website are subject to human errors including technical errors, typographical mistakes, and even photographic errors. Shopapni does not claim that the materials present on the web site are complete, accurate or current. Shopapni is in the rights to make changes or amendments to the materials on the website without any prior notice