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Farm Apna


We have been eating or as a matter of fact knowingly or unknowingly made to eat Food that is laced with harmful chemicals and pesticide in the name of better and abundant crop. We, as a consumer, don't even question from where are the vegetables and fruits in our kitchen are coming from. 

Our farmers are in distress as their fertile land has turned into a barren piece land. Heavy usage of urea and other chemical, which for once or twice, helps the farmer to grow bumper crops, ends up sucking out the nutrients of the soil. And moreover the farmer after all the hardwork that he has put, doesn't even gets paid as much as he deserve or most of the time doesn't even get paid. 

It's high time now that We, the people, should take this serious matter in our hands. Together let's change the Current Food System and Let our farmer & the next generation Thrive and Survive. 

How can you make this happen with Farmapna?

Please read Below :

1. We are inviting people to book their own selected slots in our exclusively selected farms and we will help you grow the veggies of your own choice in that respective area at very reasonable price.

2. FarmApna will provide you with all the logistics required to grow the vegetables of your choice.

3. You can visit anytime at your farm and unwind with nature, leaving behind all the hustle and bustle of the city and even harvest your Vegetables yourself every week.

4. Feel free to contact us and book your slot. Limited slots available. We're filling fast. #growyourown #growlocal #eatlocal #FarmApna #Shopapni #locavore #locavarism.