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About us

In India, most of the food items (Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Flours, Spices etc) that millions of people consume on daily basis are adulterated and impure causing incurable diseases and shortening their life span. In the present day, people are becoming aware and are willing to spend extra money to buy pure and natural items.

ShopApni’s unique concept guarantees the same at affordable prices.


Solution - To address these problems, ShopApni has introduced a concept which builds trust, ensures purity, increases house hold entrepreneurship hence creating a self sufficient city based network that makes the consumers inter dependent instead of being dependent on producers.


1. Within a city we enable people grow organic vegetables in their backyards and those are sold to the consumer with the information about where it was grown.
2. We encourage people to make unadulterated and natural spices, pickles etc at home and we buy from them. Same method is used for bakery items.
3. A2 Milk of Desi Cow is being produced under the guidance of our veterinary doctor and our supervision to ensure purity, customers are provided a copy of lab test reports on regular basis. Consumer now knows that the items they are buying have been produced at home or a farm within their own city and they can verify it anytime for their satisfaction.

Not only have they felt happy about the amount they are paying but also getting natural and unadulterated chemical free edible items on daily basis. It’s a win-win situation for all as it brings good healthy food, work, money and peace of mind to our lives.

We are planning to add a whole lot of natural products like Clay Utensils, Honey, Cereal Grains, Pulses, Jaggery etc in near future.

Concept - Through a self sufficient city based network of household entrepreneurs created by ShopApni, we produce hygienic, quality edible items consumed on daily basis and sell them online through our website www.shopapni.in and ShopApni mobile app and outdoor events.

Usage - Products are used on daily basis as staple food.

Unique Features – 1. Vegetables are grown in natural conditions only. Soil is pure and treated using natural methods and herbal medication, seeds are organic and not hybrid or genetically modified, no urea, pesticides or fertilizers are used and clean ground water is used without any treatments.

2. Staples and Bakery items are natural and home made using natural ingredients and tools. No artificial preservatives, agents or flavors are used.

3. A2 Milk is of Desi Cows. Cows graze freely in beautiful, green and clean fields. No steroid injections are used. Feed is all natural and green as prescribed by our veterinary doctors. Curd, Butter and Ghee is made out of the same milk using traditional ‘Bilona’ technique and no conditioning or processing is carried out. All these products have wonderful health benefits like building stronger immune system and gut.

There is a large amount of people in the society and their count is increasing day on day who are willing to consume natural and unadulterated products, provided the authenticity of these products is proven. Our model proves the same. A2 Milk is preferably for children under the age of 10 and lactose intolerant people. Vegetables, staples, bakery and dairy items are for each and everyone. Customers are willing to use natural and pure edible items as they help build a stronger immune system, prevent and fight diseases and maintain a healthy and long life.


At Shop Apni : Purity Comes First !


For more information contact us on 8054555196 , 01762-515066

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