Truth behind sheen of veg and fruits: Be cautious to choose your daily vegetables and fruits

“You become what you eat!”

A very old saying, that we have listening now and then and keep on ignoring it, but it actually is a great wisdom which warns  us that we should be cautious of what we eat because whatever we eat affects us on physical and spiritual levels both.

What we eat regularly? Grains, pulses, dairy products, and vegetables and fruits. Let us talk about vegetable and fruits here!

Vegetables and fruits are essential part of our food.

We can not imagine our daily food without vegetables and fruits. Food is not just source of energy (as popularly believed now), but they are also essential for proper functioning of our senses and to carry out vital process of continuous renovation of our body. Many cells are built every minute, along with DNA. The building blocks are supplied by foods. Vegetables and fruits supply roughage, fiber, carbohydrate, proteins, various trace elements (zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus etc.) along with various essential Vitamins.

But, when these items are chemically adulterated, the supply of building blocks are hindered and make our body weak. Body starts to age irrespective to its age in calendar and we begin to see diseases in our body!

Beware! Vegetables and fruits pay for their shining face!

Be very cautious to select your food. There are many options available in market to chose from. More shiny, more glossy, smoother, more uniform in colour; such vegetables and fruits are quick sell. We assume that they are fresh. (And they will look good in our dining table!)

But the truth behind such sheen of vegetables and fruits is ugly. They are subjected to many fierce chemical processes. For example, coriander is coloured green to make it appear fresh. Cauliflower also undergoes chemical treatment to have white face. Uniform Yellow Banana is artificially ripened. About waxing of apple we all know! Name the vegetable and you have the process.

Natural vegetables and fruits are not that shiny or glossy!

Natural vegetables and fruits will have a natural sheen in them which is not as sparkling as the one acquired through chemical means. If you spent your childhood in a farm you would easily recognize fresh vegetable and fruits. They have certain dullness in appearance but freshness in their fragrance. They will have spots (not the rotting one) and also pigmentation (not-uniform colour). You have to chose them by touching them, smelling them, sometimes piercing your nail in them etc. Again, there are many other ways to tell which vegetable and fruit is really fresh, chemical free and good for our body.

How to solve this dilemma to select good vegetable and fruit?

As market is full of options, it is very difficult and cumbersome to go and search for the good vegetable and fruit for us. Sure, there are many organic markets available now. But, do we actually believe them? Do we have time to go and have an investigation for all of them? Is not is better that you grow your own vegetable and fruit in your own garden? Or take them from your neighbor who is perfectly growing clean and organic vegetable and fruits in their garden? But.. you don’t have a garden, you can’t grow and neighbor.. you don’t know them!

Don’t worry is here.

We must tell you that is on a mission to liberate people from consuming chemicals. We will provide you clean, fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. And the best thing is, we are not producing them in our farms, rather we are serving as a platform where people can sell vegetables and fruits grown by them in their own kitchen garden. So, that fresh, clean and natural vegetables and fruits that you may have been seeing in some peoples house garden, and wanted them, are available in our shop. BUT.. dont judge them by their appearances because they are not getting any chemical make up so they will not shine as much you want them to! But… we assure you… they will be part of your healthy body! Believe each other!