People who lived over hundred years

In 1905, a man published a research paper. The paper was about people who lived over hundred years. He met these people while he was traveling hills of Balkan region. In those hilly region there were people where three generations were living together… they were so healthy that even the eldest member was doing their own work.


He stayed there to observe their life style. And he found out that those people had a unique habit of eating a fermented milk product everyday.

Curious about the product this man wanted to know more about it. After many microscopic researches, what he found out that there was a bug… a tiny bug.. a germ… which was unique to this product…. was some how responsible for the long life of the people. He gave that germ a name, “Lactobacillus”. Initially, he thought, “This is a bad bug, which creates certain poison, and in order to fight this poison, body of these people become more immune”. And it was believed for a long time.


Later many researches carried out and it was known that Lactobacillus is actually a good bug. It increases the immunity of body in many ways. Many researches followed, including animals and human trials, and this product became famous and famous. Promising it’s effect, it is still marketed largely. The name of the product was yogurt. It is from this bacteria and yogurt, a new term was originated, probiotics.

So …, there are many people around the world who are consuming yogurt almost everyday. The technological advances have even isolated purest strain of lactobacilus proving it’s various health benefits, but, are there people around the world who are living over hundred years and still healthy?


No. The reason behind it many be is that we are forgetting that yogurt was being consumed by people living in hills of Balkan. Not only their eating habit is different but also their life style, the atmosphere, the climate everything is different. Milk is naturally fermented into yogurt if handled carefully. Nature which was affecting life and body of Balkan people gave them a product which will help them to increases their immunity.

While yogurt by factories, are being produced in artificially incubaters. People of any climate, any region with any life style are having it…. can we expect same result? Even in scientific researches, the surrounding is always kept same in order to repeat same results. So how can we expect same result in our body if we are not living as Balkans live?


Nature has taken care of people of every region. Our own fermented milk products, with our own good bugs, with our own way of life style and eating habits can make us also “people living over hundred years.”


Yes, This is not published in any scientific journals yet. But science has open doors … who knows one day someone notices what Ellie Metchnikoff missed … “To observe whole”.



The name of the product is Yogurt. The name of the man is Ellie Metchnikoff. He is known as the father of fermented milk products.

— Noor Afsha

Story of Milk

Well there is no story of milk, there are only facts !

Milk, once regarded as an elixir has turned in to a white poison these days. Adulteration in milk doesn’t surprise us anymore, somehow it has been accepted as a part of our destiny.
Long ago when milk was used not to be a commercial item, and when cattle rearing was not a business, there was no point of adulteration in the milk. Adulteration basically is a result of human greed which emanated post white-revolution. Apparently the evil concept of “More production, More Profit” ruined everything. Our journey with milk should be seen in different phases….
1. In first phase there was no business of milk, either families used to exchange it against some other goods or it was their own produce as most of people were having their own cattle at home.
2. In the second phase, when farmers were encouraged for more production and various cooperative dairies were being established, human greed played it’s role and farmers started to add water to their milk for more volume and hence more money. It didn’t stop here, rather it was just a beginning of adulteration in milk.

As the companies started to purchase milk on the basis of it’s fat content, farmers started to add refined oil to increase fat content. Detergent is used to as an emulsifier in order to obtain stable emulsion. What we need to understand that milk is not just a chemical solution as described by modern dairy technocrats(terrorists) . Such notorious perception is created by education mafia to keep the public away from the Truth. As soon as you perceive milk as a chemical compound your conscience allows you for further experimentation on milk which ultimately leads to adulteration.

Once I asked a question to General Manager of one of a reputed dairy brand “will you pass the sample of milk if it satisfies all you parameters of fat, SNF, protein and RM strength, but there is no MILK in that solution”, his reply was straight and simple “Yes” !
This phase is still going on and people are either forced to consume poisoned packaged milk or they are deliberately consuming such chemical solution in the name of milk due to it’s cheaper prices.
3. Well the third phase is even more dangerous. People are fed up of adulteration and they are looking for purity in milk, our governments started to promote dairy farmers. They were given loans and various subsidies under government schemes for raising foreign or hybrid breeds of cows such as HF and Jersey. Sadly their milk is also not even worth calling “milk”. As I said in the beginning , Milk is an elixir for us, but for westerners milk has never been that important part of their diet. Reason being, milk of foreign breed cows is A1 class of milk which is not suitable for human consumption. Most suitable milk for humans is A2 type of milk which is given by our indigenous breeds of cows such as Sahiwal, Belahi, Kakrej and many others. As soon as we woke up to this truth we observed that our indigenous cows have either been slaughtered or they are completely removed from our country through by crossing these breeds with foreign breeds. This realisation drives us in to fourth phase….
4. In this phase we have resorted to the same milk we used to consume during phase one, though the commercialization still remains intact. Many small dairy farmers are tying up with various online companies across India, which are not only making the people aware of harmful effects of A1 type of milk but also supplying A2 milk to these aware consumers. They are not only selling milk but also making efforts to protect and conserve our indigenous cows. After recent Jalikattu controversy, more people, groups and companies are coming forward for the same One such company is Chandigarh based company called ShopApni
The interesting part is that the same milk once we paid no prices for is now being sold at almost double prices than the regular(packaged/adulterated) milk. For example 80 Rs per ltr on
Who- is responsible for this? White revolution? Crooks like Verghese Courien? India Gandhi? USA? Or some other conspiracy? I reckon we ourselves are responsible for our plight and nobody else.
Packaged milk is no less than slow poison, A1 milk also leads to various diseases in children as proven in recent studies. The only genuine milk in the world is milk of Indian cows. Alternate can be buffalo’s milk , goat’s milk in some cases and none other.

About us

Shop Apni is an Online store which delivers the items of your daily need like fruits, vegetables, milk & dairy products and bakery items at your doorstep.

Currently we are operating in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur and Agra

In India, most of the food items (Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Flours, Spices etc) that millions of people consume on daily basis are adulterated and impure causing incurable diseases and shortening their life span. In the present day, People are becoming aware and are willing to spend extra money to buy pure and natural items.

ShopApni’s unique concept guarantees the same at affordable prices.

To address these problems, ShopApni has introduced a concept which builds trust, ensures purity, increases house hold entrepreneurship hence creating a self sufficient city based network that makes the consumers inter dependent instead of being dependent on producers.


1. Within a city we enable people grow organic vegetables in their backyards and those are sold to the consumer with the information about where it was grown.
2. We encourage people to make unadulterated and natural spices, pickles etc at home and we buy from them. Same method is used for bakery items.
3. A2 Milk of Desi Cow is being produced under the guidance of our veterinary doctor and our supervision to ensure purity, customers are provided a copy of lab test reports on regular basis. Consumer now knows that the items they are buying have been produced at home or a farm within their own city and they can verify it anytime for their satisfaction.

It’s a win-win situation for all as it brings good healthy food, work, money and peace of mind to our lives.

At ShopApni, ‘Purity Comes First’.

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