Is milk in your cup fresh?

If this question is asked to you, what will you answer?

You would probably say, “Yes, I just opened the pack”, or “Just bought from market”, or “Just took out from refrigerator”.

Do you actually think that milk obtained in these ways are fresh?

We all know the benefits of the fresh food consumption. We know that with time, quality of food deteriorates. Its nutrition gets depleted and some times, toxins start to accumulate. We have been told by elders that old food does not make us healthy but rather makes us sick.

Same is applicable to Milk also, which happens to be our complete food. More fresh it is, more nutritious it would be!

Milk, that you get in the market in plastic packaging, in tetra packs, or processed in any other way, is reaching to you after changing various hands and after passing through various channels. This lengthy and time consuming process makes milk go stale. Most of the times, the giant brands collect milk from village centers or from the farmers, then milk goes to chilling centers, then it reaches to processing units and in market and then to your houses. Guess…. how much old is this milk? Sometimes, it is three days old!!

And… to more of your surprise, sometimes, this milk is transported from one state to another (the surplus milk from the original state) and processed in the local center and sold to you! Milk is seven days old!!!

This is about only packaged milk!!! You can’t even think how old Tetra Pack or Sterilized milk can be!! Look at the pack… you will see shelf life of 21 days!!

Now this is where role of chemical preservatives comes in to play. The only way to increase the shelf life to this extent is to add artificial preservatives like hydrogen peroxide in to the milk which makes us more prone to diseases.

So, if you want to have real milk to get all it;s nutrition and benefits, buy farm fresh milk.

How can you get fresh milk?

We, at shop apni  distribute milk on very same day. The same way that the local Milkman delivers. The only difference is that we are loaded with latest technology only to make delivery easier for you. Remember, milk is still same, fresh and very clean (untouched by any machine).

We are not processing milk. We procure it from local farmers who are given support and assistance for diet and well-being of cows from shopapni, and deliver at your doorstep. You can trust us in this!!

Our milk is fresh… as fresh as in the farm..from a happy cow and happy farmer. it carries one extra ingredient ; Love!! 💖

Have a healthy life and healthy heart!!

 ~Noor Afsha

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