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Truth behind sheen of veg and fruits: Be cautious to choose your daily vegetables and fruits

“You become what you eat!”

A very old saying, that we have listening now and then and keep on ignoring it, but it actually is a great wisdom which warns  us that we should be cautious of what we eat because whatever we eat affects us on physical and spiritual levels both.

What we eat regularly? Grains, pulses, dairy products, and vegetables and fruits. Let us talk about vegetable and fruits here!

Vegetables and fruits are essential part of our food.

We can not imagine our daily food without vegetables and fruits. Food is not just source of energy (as popularly believed now), but they are also essential for proper functioning of our senses and to carry out vital process of continuous renovation of our body. Many cells are built every minute, along with DNA. The building blocks are supplied by foods. Vegetables and fruits supply roughage, fiber, carbohydrate, proteins, various trace elements (zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus etc.) along with various essential Vitamins.

But, when these items are chemically adulterated, the supply of building blocks are hindered and make our body weak. Body starts to age irrespective to its age in calendar and we begin to see diseases in our body!

Beware! Vegetables and fruits pay for their shining face!

Be very cautious to select your food. There are many options available in market to chose from. More shiny, more glossy, smoother, more uniform in colour; such vegetables and fruits are quick sell. We assume that they are fresh. (And they will look good in our dining table!)

But the truth behind such sheen of vegetables and fruits is ugly. They are subjected to many fierce chemical processes. For example, coriander is coloured green to make it appear fresh. Cauliflower also undergoes chemical treatment to have white face. Uniform Yellow Banana is artificially ripened. About waxing of apple we all know! Name the vegetable and you have the process.

Natural vegetables and fruits are not that shiny or glossy!

Natural vegetables and fruits will have a natural sheen in them which is not as sparkling as the one acquired through chemical means. If you spent your childhood in a farm you would easily recognize fresh vegetable and fruits. They have certain dullness in appearance but freshness in their fragrance. They will have spots (not the rotting one) and also pigmentation (not-uniform colour). You have to chose them by touching them, smelling them, sometimes piercing your nail in them etc. Again, there are many other ways to tell which vegetable and fruit is really fresh, chemical free and good for our body.

How to solve this dilemma to select good vegetable and fruit?

As market is full of options, it is very difficult and cumbersome to go and search for the good vegetable and fruit for us. Sure, there are many organic markets available now. But, do we actually believe them? Do we have time to go and have an investigation for all of them? Is not is better that you grow your own vegetable and fruit in your own garden? Or take them from your neighbor who is perfectly growing clean and organic vegetable and fruits in their garden? But.. you don’t have a garden, you can’t grow and neighbor.. you don’t know them!

Don’t worry is here.

We must tell you that is on a mission to liberate people from consuming chemicals. We will provide you clean, fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. And the best thing is, we are not producing them in our farms, rather we are serving as a platform where people can sell vegetables and fruits grown by them in their own kitchen garden. So, that fresh, clean and natural vegetables and fruits that you may have been seeing in some peoples house garden, and wanted them, are available in our shop. BUT.. dont judge them by their appearances because they are not getting any chemical make up so they will not shine as much you want them to! But… we assure you… they will be part of your healthy body! Believe each other!

Is milk in your cup fresh?

If this question is asked to you, what will you answer?

You would probably say, “Yes, I just opened the pack”, or “Just bought from market”, or “Just took out from refrigerator”.

Do you actually think that milk obtained in these ways are fresh?

We all know the benefits of the fresh food consumption. We know that with time, quality of food deteriorates. Its nutrition gets depleted and some times, toxins start to accumulate. We have been told by elders that old food does not make us healthy but rather makes us sick.

Same is applicable to Milk also, which happens to be our complete food. More fresh it is, more nutritious it would be!

Milk, that you get in the market in plastic packaging, in tetra packs, or processed in any other way, is reaching to you after changing various hands and after passing through various channels. This lengthy and time consuming process makes milk go stale. Most of the times, the giant brands collect milk from village centers or from the farmers, then milk goes to chilling centers, then it reaches to processing units and in market and then to your houses. Guess…. how much old is this milk? Sometimes, it is three days old!!

And… to more of your surprise, sometimes, this milk is transported from one state to another (the surplus milk from the original state) and processed in the local center and sold to you! Milk is seven days old!!!

This is about only packaged milk!!! You can’t even think how old Tetra Pack or Sterilized milk can be!! Look at the pack… you will see shelf life of 21 days!!

Now this is where role of chemical preservatives comes in to play. The only way to increase the shelf life to this extent is to add artificial preservatives like hydrogen peroxide in to the milk which makes us more prone to diseases.

So, if you want to have real milk to get all it;s nutrition and benefits, buy farm fresh milk.

How can you get fresh milk?

We, at shop apni  distribute milk on very same day. The same way that the local Milkman delivers. The only difference is that we are loaded with latest technology only to make delivery easier for you. Remember, milk is still same, fresh and very clean (untouched by any machine).

We are not processing milk. We procure it from local farmers who are given support and assistance for diet and well-being of cows from shopapni, and deliver at your doorstep. You can trust us in this!!

Our milk is fresh… as fresh as in the farm..from a happy cow and happy farmer. it carries one extra ingredient ; Love!! 💖

Have a healthy life and healthy heart!!

 ~Noor Afsha

Grow Your Own Food

History of thousands of years of human migration tells us that homo sapiens have always been in search of better locations for living their lives. Better in terms of food security, ecology, law and order etc.  The process of migration which began  70,000 years ago, when homo sapiens moved out of Africa, continued for 40000 years. History notices it as first wave of migration.

History has observed several such waves of human migration.

Urbanization can also be seen as one such wave , which began in England during Industrial Revolution and is still hitting the shores of various countries across the world.

India is no exception !

During last 20 years as many as 200 million people have moved out of villages in India, leaving out their age old profession of agriculture and have settled in metro/industrial cities.

We can assume that urbanization has given a better quality of life to human beings  but at the same time humans have paid a huge price for this better and comfortable life. The worst is that we are gradually losing our self sustainability and self dependency and thus making our lives more and more dependent on others.

We are now more dependent on others than ever for fulfilling our daily requirements. During the course of entire human history we are now having the largest percentage of human population on earth which doesn’t even know how to grow their own food.

Have you ever wondered, when we don’t grow our food, we have to “buy” it from the market; and when we “buy” food , it becomes a business commodity; and every business commodity follows one basic principle; more volume, more money !

At this very point a farmer is turned in to a businessman, who is seeking and ensuring a larger volume of his produce; by any means ; by hook, or by crook !

Not a bad approach for a “businessman” , but a farmer…. with the same approach ? ? ?

Apparently this is the reason why Indians prefer to call it agriculture and not agro-business. This is a horrible term !

Anyways, so the point is that this “greed” is the fundamental cause of chemically treated fruits and vegetables.

We can conclude that we are forced to consume poison in our food, our health is at risk, because our farmers have turned in to the businessmen !


It is simple and easy !


No matter how come !

For the residents of Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali Shop Apni provides all kind of support for growing organic vegetables in your backyard. For more inquiries you can visit their website : or call 8054555196/97

Adulterated and Synthetic Milk

So… We all have been hearing about adulterated and synthetic milks nowadays. But… what are they actually?

Are they all same or different?

Adulterated and synthetic milk are different from each other.

Adulterated milk?

Adulterated milk is sin.

Milk is adulterated when something is added to milk or something is removed from it. Like…. if somebody mixes water to milk, or any powder or sugar or any chemical to preserve it (like hydrogen peroxide is the most common one which increases shelf life of raw milk), or Urea or any other substance which will make SNF and Fat look good, even if they are not.

Also, if someone is removing something from milk, like its fat, and replacing it with some other oil, like Vegetable oil, this is also adulteration.

What is synthetic milk?

Synthetic is pure sin. In this milk, nothing is actually milk. Its just a combination of some chemicals in water that will look white like milk and have a layer on top like cream. BUT… it is NOT milk. Its poison.

Health Concern!

Both of the milk can cause severe health concerns. Adulterated milk, if it does not have any harmful adulteration in it, it will cheat you on your money more than your health. But if there is any chemical adulteration, your health is going to get down.

Synthetic milk!! DONT consume it at any cost!!! Even if its free!! It will cause you severe health concerns.

How would you know milk is pure or not?

There are various ways. BUT most of them are actually done by technical analyst or chemist. There are kits, there are tests…. BUT… every day you detect one chemical and they are ready with the new one!! Its difficult to know the purity of milk by your own.

Shop Apni Serves… pure milk… No Adulteration and No Synthetic milk!!

Shop Apni ensures you that the milk you are buying from us..,, is PURE MILK! It is a nectar for your health… like it should be.



Is Your Dairy Toxic ?

Dairy products are one of the most common foods consumed around the world. Some cultures survive on diets consisting of up to 80% raw cow, goat, &/or sheep milk. In the western world, however, dairy has become one of the most inflammatory foods. A recent discovery shows that a genetic shift in the casein molecule has produced a powerful toxin linked to numerous disorders and diseases.

Milk contains two primary protein molecules: whey and casein. Casein makes up about 80% of the protein in the milk. Casein is made up of 209 amino acids strung together in sequence. The 2 primary forms of casein are: A1 Beta Casein and A2 Beta Casein. These 2 are nearly identical in structure except for the amino acid at position 67. A1 contains histidine while A2 contains proline.

The bond between histidine and its linked amino acids is much weaker and much more easily broken than the bonding of proline in A2. This splitting happens during the digestive process and creates a peptide called beta casomorphin 7 (BCM7). BCM7 is an opioid which gives it morphine-like qualities. This creates rampant oxidative stress in the gut and blood stream.

BCM7 is a 7 amino acid peptide that is resistant to degradation. It takes very strong immune responses to break this molecule down effectively. This immune response often takes place in the gut and causes digestive distress and leaky gut syndrome. The most susceptible individuals are those who already have digestive problems and infants who naturally have increased intestinal permeability.

When BCM7 passes into the bloodstream it is able to cross through the blood brain barrier. In the brain, it can bind to opioid receptors and causes symptoms of schizophrenia, autism, and other mood and neurodevelopmental issues. Research performed on rats has shown autistic and schizophrenic type behavioral changes after the rats were injected with BCM7.

A1 beta casein and its byproduct BCM7 have also been linked to cases of type I diabetes, digestive disorders, neurodegenerative disorders and heart disease. These issues have the most supportive evidence linking them to A1 beta casein. This does not mean that A1 beta casein isn’t associated with other health disorders as well.

It can be quite challenging to enjoy dairy products and avoid A1 Beta Casein in the western hemisphere. You certainly have to look for specific breeds of cow that will not be labeled at the grocery store. A1 beta casein is produced by cattle belonging to the Bos Taurus subspecies which is the primary breed of cattle in the western hemisphere. The Guernsey breeds produce only about 10% of their beta casein as A1 while the Jersey breed produces about 35%. The Ayrshire, Holstein and Fresian breeds tend to produce 50% or more.

To sum up, quality can be compromised for quantity. We have to be extra careful for what we consume as our food.


Shop Apni  delivers pure A2 milk of indigenous cows to it’s customers in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur and Agra(UP).  

A2 Milk “As Good as Mother’s Milk”

People who lived over hundred years

In 1905, a man published a research paper. The paper was about people who lived over hundred years. He met these people while he was traveling hills of Balkan region. In those hilly region there were people where three generations were living together… they were so healthy that even the eldest member was doing their own work.


He stayed there to observe their life style. And he found out that those people had a unique habit of eating a fermented milk product everyday.

Curious about the product this man wanted to know more about it. After many microscopic researches, what he found out that there was a bug… a tiny bug.. a germ… which was unique to this product…. was some how responsible for the long life of the people. He gave that germ a name, “Lactobacillus”. Initially, he thought, “This is a bad bug, which creates certain poison, and in order to fight this poison, body of these people become more immune”. And it was believed for a long time.


Later many researches carried out and it was known that Lactobacillus is actually a good bug. It increases the immunity of body in many ways. Many researches followed, including animals and human trials, and this product became famous and famous. Promising it’s effect, it is still marketed largely. The name of the product was yogurt. It is from this bacteria and yogurt, a new term was originated, probiotics.

So …, there are many people around the world who are consuming yogurt almost everyday. The technological advances have even isolated purest strain of lactobacilus proving it’s various health benefits, but, are there people around the world who are living over hundred years and still healthy?


No. The reason behind it many be is that we are forgetting that yogurt was being consumed by people living in hills of Balkan. Not only their eating habit is different but also their life style, the atmosphere, the climate everything is different. Milk is naturally fermented into yogurt if handled carefully. Nature which was affecting life and body of Balkan people gave them a product which will help them to increases their immunity.

While yogurt by factories, are being produced in artificially incubaters. People of any climate, any region with any life style are having it…. can we expect same result? Even in scientific researches, the surrounding is always kept same in order to repeat same results. So how can we expect same result in our body if we are not living as Balkans live?


Nature has taken care of people of every region. Our own fermented milk products, with our own good bugs, with our own way of life style and eating habits can make us also “people living over hundred years.”


Yes, This is not published in any scientific journals yet. But science has open doors … who knows one day someone notices what Ellie Metchnikoff missed … “To observe whole”.



The name of the product is Yogurt. The name of the man is Ellie Metchnikoff. He is known as the father of fermented milk products.

— Noor Afsha

Story of Milk

Well there is no story of milk, there are only facts !

Milk, once regarded as an elixir has turned in to a white poison these days. Adulteration in milk doesn’t surprise us anymore, somehow it has been accepted as a part of our destiny.
Long ago when milk was used not to be a commercial item, and when cattle rearing was not a business, there was no point of adulteration in the milk. Adulteration basically is a result of human greed which emanated post white-revolution. Apparently the evil concept of “More production, More Profit” ruined everything. Our journey with milk should be seen in different phases….
1. In first phase there was no business of milk, either families used to exchange it against some other goods or it was their own produce as most of people were having their own cattle at home.
2. In the second phase, when farmers were encouraged for more production and various cooperative dairies were being established, human greed played it’s role and farmers started to add water to their milk for more volume and hence more money. It didn’t stop here, rather it was just a beginning of adulteration in milk.

As the companies started to purchase milk on the basis of it’s fat content, farmers started to add refined oil to increase fat content. Detergent is used to as an emulsifier in order to obtain stable emulsion. What we need to understand that milk is not just a chemical solution as described by modern dairy technocrats(terrorists) . Such notorious perception is created by education mafia to keep the public away from the Truth. As soon as you perceive milk as a chemical compound your conscience allows you for further experimentation on milk which ultimately leads to adulteration.

Once I asked a question to General Manager of one of a reputed dairy brand “will you pass the sample of milk if it satisfies all you parameters of fat, SNF, protein and RM strength, but there is no MILK in that solution”, his reply was straight and simple “Yes” !
This phase is still going on and people are either forced to consume poisoned packaged milk or they are deliberately consuming such chemical solution in the name of milk due to it’s cheaper prices.
3. Well the third phase is even more dangerous. People are fed up of adulteration and they are looking for purity in milk, our governments started to promote dairy farmers. They were given loans and various subsidies under government schemes for raising foreign or hybrid breeds of cows such as HF and Jersey. Sadly their milk is also not even worth calling “milk”. As I said in the beginning , Milk is an elixir for us, but for westerners milk has never been that important part of their diet. Reason being, milk of foreign breed cows is A1 class of milk which is not suitable for human consumption. Most suitable milk for humans is A2 type of milk which is given by our indigenous breeds of cows such as Sahiwal, Belahi, Kakrej and many others. As soon as we woke up to this truth we observed that our indigenous cows have either been slaughtered or they are completely removed from our country through by crossing these breeds with foreign breeds. This realisation drives us in to fourth phase….
4. In this phase we have resorted to the same milk we used to consume during phase one, though the commercialization still remains intact. Many small dairy farmers are tying up with various online companies across India, which are not only making the people aware of harmful effects of A1 type of milk but also supplying A2 milk to these aware consumers. They are not only selling milk but also making efforts to protect and conserve our indigenous cows. After recent Jalikattu controversy, more people, groups and companies are coming forward for the same One such company is Chandigarh based company called ShopApni
The interesting part is that the same milk once we paid no prices for is now being sold at almost double prices than the regular(packaged/adulterated) milk. For example 80 Rs per ltr on
Who- is responsible for this? White revolution? Crooks like Verghese Courien? India Gandhi? USA? Or some other conspiracy? I reckon we ourselves are responsible for our plight and nobody else.
Packaged milk is no less than slow poison, A1 milk also leads to various diseases in children as proven in recent studies. The only genuine milk in the world is milk of Indian cows. Alternate can be buffalo’s milk , goat’s milk in some cases and none other.

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