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Paneer & Cheese

Most of the time I have been asked if Paneer and Cheese are same?

My reply is, “NO”!

However, dairy industry consider them same but I have significant reasons to say that they are different.

Cheese is a product of European origin. Rather, I should say, ‘they are’ products of European origin. There are more than 500 listed varieties of cheese. To prepare them, first, milk is cultured by some specific bacteria to raise acidity of milk with production of lactic acid. After this, rennet enzyme (an enzyme extracted from fourth stomach of calf) is added to it to give curd a thicker and particular consistency. After these steps, further steps may vary. Some cheese are further salted, waxed, sprinkled with spores or ripened. ‘Ripening’ is the key factor for specific flavour and texture of cheese. Some cheese are not ripened and they are called Fresh Cheese.

Paneer is generally called a fresh verities of cheese. But, there is huge difference that nor any culture addition takes place while preparing neither any rennet addition. It is also not slated and cured. The taste of Paneer is also largely different from most of the cheeses. Paneer is consumed fresh and any delay in its consumption reduces its flavour. The Paneer available in Shopapni is a fresh product prepared from milk. You can check the flavour, test and texture. In India most verities of cheese are not available. The reason being, Indian climate is not suitable for cheese ripening. Here you must know that most cheese manufacturers still prepare cheese in traditional ways. They, in no way, try to build atmosphere to ripen cheese. We at shopapni also prepare Paneer fresh and in natural atmosphere. It is a genuine example of Paneer of Indian origin.

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